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WWI Plane Tail Section 

One of the most unique artifacts in the museum is this cloth tail section of a WWI training plane. This tail section was from a training plane flown by Robert Rockwell when he returned to the United States after flying with France’s Lafayette Escadrille.  When the United State entered WWI, American pilots were called home to organize the US Army Air Corps.  The exhibit in the museum explains why this Native American portrait was on the tail section. 

WWI Plane Tail Section
WWI Springfield Rifle

Springfield Rifle

This Springfield Rifle M1903 on display in the museum became the standard weapon for soldiers for many years and is considered to be the greatest of the US military issues bolt-action rifles ever made.   

WWI American Dough Boy

American Dough Boys

This WWI “Doughboy” uniform was worn by Rock County Soldier George Fredolin Kraetsch.  After 6 months of training – Kraetsch headed to Europe for his tour of duty. 

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