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Korean War

Arthur A. Moeller

Honored in the Korean War exhibit is Rock County native, Arthur A. Moeller.  This 21 year old farm boy volunteered to serve during the Korean War.  With only days left before peace was agreed upon, he was seriously injured in the fighting at Outpost Harry and died two days later.  Moeller was Rock County’s last Korean KIA. 

Arthur A Moeller - Korean War
Cold Nights Pup Tent - Korean War

Long Cold Nights

During the Korean War, American soldiers were constantly on the move.  On the coldest nights, they slept in pup tents such as this – cooking their meals over open flames and trying to keep warm during nights where the temperature would plunge well below zero. 

Wayne Biever

On display is the uniform of Korean War Marine Wayne Biever.  Biever served in the heart of the combat zone starting in 1952.  Biever continues to serve his country today as part of the military Honor Squad. 

Wayne Biever - Korean War Marine
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